Christmas Foil Paper Chains pk75
Christmas Foil Paper Chains pk75

Christmas Foil Paper Chains PK75

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Foil paper chains are the ultimate festive party essential!  At Christmas, no walls or halls are complete without paper chains and bunting hanging from all corners of the room!

As well as being fun and very easy to use, these fun festive Christmas foil paper chains are guaranteed to add some colour to the occasion.  They’re also ideal for use around the school, classroom, village hall or any other venue!

Want something a bit different from your paper chains?  Well, don’t worry because we’ve got that covered! We’ve got a video on our YouTube channel which shows you some great ideas for turning paper chains into something altogether more blingy!  You can put in as much or as little effort in as you want but if you’re stuck for inspiration then look no further than our blog post here.

Our Christmas foil paper chains are a great idea for children’s parties and everyone can get involved in making and decorating them!  They’re a great family or classroom project and a fun way to prepare your Christmas party.  Sit down with the kids and use the paper links to make unique patterns to string across your walls, doors and more!  Best leave the hanging of the paper chains to the adults though!

These Christmas foil paper chains come in a pack of 75 strips, each one measuring 2.5cm x 21cm.  There are three colours in total – red, gold and green.

They’re lick and stick, meaning it’s quick and easy to create your paper masterpiece!

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